Vultures 1—>

Yes, I listened to the album a few times this weekend. And, yes, I feel indifferent about it.

I will say right off the bat, it is a much better album by Kanye West since Life Of Pablo. Donda had some really good songs, but the roll out of that album and Donda 2 were so messy and strange. Plus the songs never really felt finished. Though there are some problems, Vultures 1 sounds more complete.

The reason I feel indifferent is that I don’t like Kanye anymore. His behavior and remarks over the last couple years are reprehensible so enjoying art by him is strange.

If I can leave this on a slightly positive note, Burn is a song that feels like the old Kanye. The better Kanye. I hope we get that back one day.

February 12, 2024