Insano (Nitro Mega)

Insano (Nitro Mega)Insano (Nitro Mega)

I was surprised how much I loved MOTM 3 and Entergalatic. Kid Cudi was embracing change and loved the direction. But Insano was a huge disappointment for me. Not only that, but his interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Musicwas gross.

Kid Cudi I feel has lost his sense of perspective on what his music has inspired. I don’t blame him wanting to make more happy music, but Insano was a mess, and his cocky attitude in the interview really turned me off. I miss the humble and more introspective Cudi. Trying to be like Kendrick Lamar” as he stated in his interview and his actual attempt in making Insano fell flat for me.

Insano (Nitro Mega) feels different though. Some old songs by Cudi are welcomed, but the songs feel more thoughtful. The production isn’t as all over the place, and it truly feels like the album we needed unlike Insano.

I hope Cudi continues in the direction of (Nitro Mega). It’ll be on repeat for me all weekend.

February 23, 2024