I’m indifferent to Kanye West and Ty Dollar $igns new album dropping this Friday. So far it seems like this is Kanye’s first album that feels more complete compared to the Donda releases, which is exciting.

But I feel like the world has forgotten what Kanye has said and done in the past. People deserve forgiveness, but with the Israel and Gaza war and all the other anti-Semitic behavior in the world right now, it feels wrong to be so excited about Kanye’s new music without recognizing his part in spreading bad rhetoric.

I believe in free speech and believe in people having differing views. Consequences of doing certain things are non-trivial, but government involvement is never the answer. I just feel icky being excited about new art by someone I am also still disappointed in.

Kanye was my favorite music artist for years. I defended his behavior in the past feeling like it was necessary to make the amazing work he has made. Since his remarks on Alex Jones, and other instances, I no longer can defend him.

Vultures might be amazing, but it will never be the same for me as it was in the past when new Kanye music dropped.

December 14, 2023

iPhone Blogging


I wanted to create a process to be able to blog shorter or linked posts from my iPhone. The great thing about is that all you need to do to post a new blog post is drop a .md file into a folder.

So after setting up Alvalog, my new personal blog, on all I needed to do was setup a process to write and drop the files into the Dropbox folder that is connected too.

I created a Shortcut called Post To Alvalog and decided to just you Apple Notes to write and then run the shortcut from when I was ready to post. I could probably use another app that natively supports markdown, but it was easy enough to just convert the text file to markdown in Shortcuts.

The process is super simple and now I can post on my blog easily from my iPhone. I can add links, photos, and markdown formatted text and everything just works!

The future is awesome!

December 12, 2023

Alvalog Is Born

Alvalog on iPhoneAlvalog on iPhone

I don’t want, but need a personal blog. I want a place for me to write thoughts and link interesting stuff on the internet. It’s important today to have a place for yourself on the internet and that is what Alvalog plans to be for me.


December 5, 2023