This Beef Is Getting Real

euphoria by Kendrick Lamar and Push Ups by Drakeeuphoria by Kendrick Lamar and Push Ups by Drake

Both songs are great in my opinion. They both don’t shy away from each rappers style which I appreciate and enjoy regardless of the beef.

But the beef makes it that much more interesting. Now that Kendrick has responded I am curious to see how this whole thing plays out. I have feeling it is going to get pretty brutal going forward.

Push Ups

May 1, 2024

Good Times

Delta EmulatorDelta Emulator

Good times on iOS with Apple now allowing emulators on the App Store. Check Delta on the App Store now available.

Makes me wonder if I still need my RG35XX. 🤔

April 17, 2024

We Still Don’t Trust You


Things are ramping up in the rap war that Future and Kendrick started in Metro and Future’s first album together. Leaked audio of Drakes rebuttal, J. Cole’s response (then apology), and now Rick Ross’ drop is causing a rumble in hip hop right now.

It’s exciting but also interesting to see where all this goes. I think I like Metro and Futures 2nd album more than some, but the drama of it all I think is what is making all this more enticing. It is causing many to revisit all music by all these artist and scrutinize every line to see if their were and subliminal or sneaky disses that many have missed.

I’m excited to see where this all goes, but sad to also think another What A Time To Be Alive album may never happen.

April 16, 2024



Future & Metro Boomin’s new album is the first album I have bought in the iTunes Store in many years — at least 10 years or more. For a while I was buying CDs and burning music instead of buying it digital.

Since I wanted to listen to this album on my iPod Classic. The easiest options was to just pay $9.99 to get a digital copy and sync it to my iPod through the iTunes Store.

It was worth it. I don’t mind supporting artists directly too. Especially for this amazing album. It will definitely be on repeat for the rest of 2024.

March 27, 2024

Apple Crave

MacBook AirMacBook Air

It’s annoying how Apple products seem to always suck me back in. I wrote about how it’s a hard decision right now to choose a Mac with the Air and Pro being so good right now.

I think if I could have anything I wanted, it would be a desktop Mac and a MacBook. But my life right now doesn’t permit me to have a single workstation location. I need to be mobile.

I’m happy with my Asus Zenbook and I am also happy with my 2012 MacBook Air, but the desire for a Midnight MacBook Air or Liquid Retina XDR MacBook Pro is so strong.

It’s hard to resist the Apple cravings. But I want to buy the right thing next time, not just what I can get and regret it later.

March 14, 2024

Federico Viticci’s MacPad”: So fucking cool!—>

Viticci is at it again with his tinkering modular adventures and this one is so fucking cool. A headless Mac for Vision Pro with a iPad Pro magnetically attached.

How does he think of these crazy ideas? Regardless I’m here for it!

March 7, 2024 Federico Viticci’s “MacPad” So fucking cool!